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LiveFarmer has designed and integrated, leading edge mobile farm technologies since 2002. LiveFarmer was designed to bring industry expertise with leading innovative technology to the farming industry. With LiveFarmer, your team now has a choice of an Apple, PC, iPad/iPhone/Android application, that includes cloud server infrastructure for maximum reliability, security and scalability.


LiveFarmer is a complete farm management and quality assurance application built specifically for farmers. Whether your farm 50 or 50,000 acres; it adheres to all existing quality assurance programs currently demanded from growers and packers. It, tracks produce from the seeding process, all the way to your dinner plate, on a real time basis. Using the latest in technology, farmers can view real time information about their farms; from planting information to the last spray applied, or the last activity conducted on a particular block.

New Zealand, Australia, and the United States our solutions have been at the forefront of Farm Management applications and bring a market solution that will not only enhance current business, but also completely re-engineer future business for farmers.

Thanks to LiveFarmer, complete control of your farm is now in the palm of your hand.

Call for a knowledgeable conversation concerning your software needs. Get your software investment right the first time.

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Welcome to LiveFarmer, a complete online farm management and quality assurance application that records and provides real time information on all aspects of a farmer's everyday business and farming requirements. It is suitable for broad acre farms, vegetable & fruit growers as well as orchard growers. To access the application, all that is required is an Internet connection or 3G phone network along with a laptop, iPhone, iPad or android smartphone, in order to capture everyday field data as it happens.

  • LiveFarmer captures the whole farming operation with simple once only touch screen entries.
  • LiveFarmer will Reduce data entry frequency and errors; saving you money through increased efficiency & reduced administration.
  • LiveFarmer is a Real Time Data capturing system that utilizes the phone network.
  • LiveFarmer allows you to meet increasing regulatory & quality assurance requirements imposed on the farming industry

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