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  • What smart phone applications do you support?

    LiveFarmer is an SAAS application, so as an on-demand, cloud application, we support both Mac and PC operating systems, this includes, iPhone, iPad, and android phones and tablets.

  • Is my industry catered for by Live Farmer?

    Currently, we cater to primary production, farming in broad acres, wheat farming, vegetable and cash crops, orchard growers and vineyards.

  • Does LiveFarmer cater to quality assurances issues for customers and suppliers?

    Yes - please see the quality assurance section for more information.

  • How is my LiveFarmer data backed up?

    LiveFarmer data is backed up into three different sites. The Backup process automatic and live.

  • Is my data safe online?

    Yes, your data is just as safe as accessing banking details online. LiveFarmer is a complete cloud based solutions with servers based in Sydney Australia, and the United States.

  • Can we implement access restrictions for different users?

    Yes, you can restrict different users to different screens. The application is built for management and remote management of various sites and personnel.

  • Are there any manuals or training provided?

    Yes, an initial training program is always implemented. The training is conducted in the form of webinars, phone support; we also provide a user manual. All Custom Solutions come with onsite support. Training is conducted as a continuous process in keeping with updates in quality assurance and best practice updates within the software.

  • Can LiveFarmer be integrated into my accounting system?

    Yes; LiveFarmer can be integrated into your accounting system; We currently integrate to most small business Accounting packages from Xero to MYOB and Quickbooks.

  • Is there a limit to the number of users that I can use?

    No there is no limit, the limit is based upon the product you have purchased, and additional licenses can be purchased for the Plus, Enterprise and Custom solutions.

  • Does LiveFarmer keep stock control of chemicals, raw materials and seeds?

    Yes, LiveFarmer keeps stock control of chemicals and any raw materials delivered to the business.

  • Does LiveFarmer have a copy of the latest material safety data sheet?

    Yes, LiveFarmer has a copy of the latest material safety data sheet and we provide continuous updates.

  • Can I generate and send invoices from within LiveFarmer?

    Yes, you can generate email and fax invoices from Live Farmer.

  • Can I use Windows mobile hardware?

    Yes you may, but we highly recommend Apple hardware for best results!

  • Can I create task lists in LiveFarmer in?

    Yes, you may create task lists for any type of farming task with Live Farmer. You can also allocate these tasks to any user of your choice.

  • Can I use LiveFarmer on my remote farms?

    Yes, you may use LiveFarmer on remote farms. The application is based for remote, national farming operations as well as international farming operations. We provide the capacity for different units of measure and methods of farming.

  • Can I use LiveFarmer in two entities?

    No, you will need two separate LiveFarmera applications due to separate databases.

  • Can I access LiveFarmer from anywhere?

    Yes, you have the ability access LiveFarmer from anywhere. As long as you have access to the internet the application is completely cloud based.

  • Is there an iPhone app for LiveFarmer in?

    Yes there is an app in the app store for Live Farmer.

  • How long does it take to implement LiveFarmer in?

    From 2 days to 2 weeks depending on how much data has to be imported or entered into live Farmer.

  • Can I use my blackberry for LiveFarmer in?

    Yes you can! But we highly recommend apple or android products for live Farmer.

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Welcome to LiveFarmer, a complete online farm management and quality assurance application that records and provides real time information on all aspects of a farmer's everyday business and farming requirements. It is suitable for broad acre farms, vegetable & fruit growers as well as orchard growers. To access the application, all that is required is an Internet connection or 3G phone network along with a laptop, iPhone, iPad or android smartphone, in order to capture everyday field data as it happens.

  • LiveFarmer captures the whole farming operation with simple once only touch screen entries.
  • LiveFarmer will Reduce data entry frequency and errors; saving you money through increased efficiency & reduced administration.
  • LiveFarmer is a Real Time Data capturing system that utilizes the phone network.
  • LiveFarmer allows you to meet increasing regulatory & quality assurance requirements imposed on the farming industry

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P.O. Box 6127,
Caulfield Sth 3162,
Victoria Australia

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